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Sutton Drain Repairs

We resolve all types of leaking or blocked drains and we do so for commercial or residential properties. We have helped a number of local businesses including food shops with their drainage problems as well as home owners and private tennants. We will send a local engineer who can be with you within TWO hours and provide a no obligation quotation and fix the majority of problems on site. Our highly trained and skilled staff will aim to resolve all your drainage problems with minimal disruption and at a great cost.

When investigating a blocked drain or damage usually a CCTV survey is the quickest and easiest method of getting right to the problem. We insert a camera into your pipes to get right to the problem.

Drain Lining in Sutton

Modern drain lining means we always try to avoid digging up your garden and turning off your water supply. We offer drain linings as these can be fitted in a matter of minutes and are a long lasting and cost effective way of fixing problems which used to require expensive and inconvenient outages

When we deploy a drain lining, a thin sleeve is inserted into the drain pipe which provides a water tight seal. These can be fitted in minutes and can solve otherwise serious problems in a quick and efficient manner. We only use the highest quality drain linings which means the repair will last longer, these remain a cost effective and long term solution.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Fixed price blocked drain clearance.

Rodent Prevention

Rodent Prevention

Rodent prevention installation, keeping your drains clear of pests.

Drain Excavation

Drain Excavation

Drain excavation and installation.


Drain Lining

Broken drain repair using latest drain lining techniques.

No Hidden Costs or Extra Charges!

We don't charge a call out charge to visit your property and provide a fixed fee to unblock your drains. This INCLUDES to use of specialist jetting equipment, this is often not included when you compare us to our competitors

If a drainage engineer finds additional problems such as tree root problems or cracked drain pipes, we can provide a free quotation for this, and YOU decide on whether you want to proceed with the work.

Drainage Unblocking

We usually carry all the equipment needed to unblock drains so we will usually be done very quickly. Our engineers work 24 Hours as we understand that problems with drainage can occur at the worst possible time and a leak can cause huge damage. Give us a call any time you have a problem.

Drainage Excavation

A collapsed drain sometimes needs excavation, this is a more serious problem that occasionally does become necessary, our engineers can arrange and perform that work for you too. Our call out is FREE and we also offer free quotations for all the work we recommend to resolve your problems.

We don't just clear blocked drains

We help to resolve all your drainage worries by providing only the best services and equipment to find the root cause of your problem and not just fix the issue at hand.

If you're not sure what your services you need we can help, give us a call today and we will have an engineer with you within 2hrs.

  • All Blockages.
  • High Pressure Water Jetting.
  • Rodent Prevention Traps.
  • Drainage Repairs & Installation
  • Vacuum Tanker Waste Removal
  • CCTV Surveys.
  • Soakaway & Drainage Installations.
  • Lining/Patch Lining.
  • Gutter Cleaning & Downpipe Clearance.
  • Root Removal & Descale Clearance

If you're unsure on whether we can assist you, please call our friendly operators now and we will help get you back on track.

Blocked Drains

If you have blocked drains, look no further. Jetting Services Direct are a Checkatrade Approved company, offering a two hour response time for blocked drains, 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.

We also offer a complete range of drainage services to our clients at very competitive prices.

Who do we work for?

We have successfully cleared blocked drains for a range of clients from a residential customer in a small terraced house, through to large commercial clients including property management companies, hotels, letting agents, schools, restaurants, retail outlets and industrial estates.

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